Nordic Components has teamed up with Vortex Optics to take the Tactical Shotgun Championship to the next level and evolve it into the Nordic Components / Vortex Optics Tri-Gun. Presented by the Minnesota 3Gun Group, the Nordic/Vortex Tri-Gun promises to bring you the same premier level match that they have been known for.

The Nordic/Vortex Tri-Gun will be held on June 24th-26th, 2016 at the Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club and will feature 9 exciting and challenging stages with the same high quality that many of you have come to expect from the Minnesota 3Gun Group. And because the shotgun match was so beloved by many, we are in the planning phase of imbedding a side shotgun match for your enjoyment.

Go to the new NC/Vortex Tri-Gun web site for more information.